Bartender Service-Up to 5Hrs of Serving Time

$349.99 / night

This service is for those that need 1hr,2hrs,3hrs, or up to 5hrs of serving time.

Insured for $2M in liquor liability

TABC certified

Clear dates

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    1 Bartender Service-Up to 5Hrs of Serving Time

    Service Duration**: Choose from 1 to up 5 hours of professional bartending. This is for those that only need 1hr, 2hrs, 3hrs, 4.5hrs or up to 5hrs. This is our minimum. There is no price difference if you only need 4hrs.
    Capacity**: Suitable for events for up to 120 guests as long as you keep a short drink menu, for example 2-3 simple cocktails with 1 mix,beer & wine.

                                                       **What We Offer:**

    – **Full Bar Service**: We provide all tools and equipment to make our job more efficient
    – **Timely Arrival**: Our bartenders arrive 30 minutes before the designated serving time and leave after we breakdown, pack your alcohol, pack our tools.
    – **Insurance and Certification**: We are insured for $2 million in liquor liability, and our team is TABC certified.
    – **Friendly Professionals**: reliable, Knowledgeable, friendly, and kind bartenders ensure an exceptional experience.

                                                                 **Additional Information:**

    – **Bartender’s Gratuity**: Gratuity not included. Bartenders average $350 per event, a portion from the client about $150-$180 and the rest from guest tips.

     **Traveling Fee**: Applies for events over 30 miles from our base location.

    – **Client’s Responsibilities**: Provide alcohol, mixers, cups, ice/ice chest, and a table. Optional items can be included.

    – **Customized Service**: We’ll send you a questionnaire once you’ve booked to ensure we come prepared to your event. 

    – **Time Flexibility**: Final time confirmed two weeks prior. Extra hours are available at $80+ per hour. After 12 am there is an additional charge of $100 per hr.

    – **Note**: No drinks are served to kids/minors at the bar to keep they at bay. We kindly ask that you set up a separate station for non-alcoholic beverages. 

                                                 **Optional Add-Ons:**

    – **Complete Bar Package**: Everything you need for the bar (excluding alcohol) for $250

    – **Insurance Venue Name Addition**: An additional $75 if venue name addition is needed.

    – **Drinks Station**: Includes cups, ice, 2 buckets, table, tablecloth, ,1 drink dispenser, water for the duration of the bar  for $150.

    – **Glassware**: Three types for up to 100 guests at $380. Bar back is required for an additional $200

    If you need more than one bartender please select the appropriate quantity, please be sure to chat with us before booking.

                                                **Why Choose Us?**

    – **Family-Owned Business**: We prioritize quality service over quantity.
    – **Limited Bookings**: We accept a maximum of three events daily for personalized attention.
    – **Trustworthy Staff**: Our team members are personally vetted.
    – **Customer Satisfaction**: Our top priority is earning your 5-star review.

    Oh, and did we mention we’ve got over 180 sparkling 5-star reviews on Google?!  That’s right, our satisfied customers have spoken, and they’ve given us the ultimate thumbs up. So, when you choose us, you’re not just choosing any a service, you’re choosing tried, tested, and loved! 🌟


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