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  • Dinner spoon, salad fork , or dessert spoon (price per unit)

    $0.90 / night

    A la carte

    dinner spoon

    salad fork

    dessert spoon

  • Dinner plates

    $0.99 / night

    #1 White dinner plate

    #2 white china with gold rim size 10.25″ –

    # 3 Clear plate

    #4 Marble Pattern Melamine Dinner Plates, 10.5   (this one is not glass, they are hard non-disposable plastic)-

    In your cart notes please let us know which one do you prefer.

  • Salad/Cake plate

    $0.80 / night
  • Gold flatware (SET)

    $1.99 / night

    Add a touch of elegance to your tables with our exquisite gold flatware set, which includes both forks and knives. Elevate your dining experience without the hassle of purchasing flatware you may only use once.


  • Vintage glass

    $1.99 / night

    An assortment of colors Book offline and receive $1.00 OFF per glass. green, pink, amber blue,smoke, purple

  • Napkin rings

    $0.55 / night

    Elevate any occasion with our pearl napkin rings rental item. Perfect for weddings, parties, or family meals. Reserve now for a touch of elegance.

  • Napkins

    $0.80 / night

    napkins Color / Material Blush /polyester white / polyester black / polyester burgundy / polyester sage green /polyester Gray/ polyester Ivory / polyester silver/ taffeta   Inquire about any other colors not listed here.

  • Water/wine goblet

    $0.99 / night

    Clear glass all purpose goblets 20 oz.

  • Beverage glass

    $0.99 / night
  • Red Wine Glass

    $0.99 / night

    20 oz clear wine glass 

  • Gold Star placemat

    $0.99 / night

    Gold Star placemat

  • Port glasses / Porto glasses

    $1.25 / night

    Exquisitely designed for savoring the rich flavors of port wine, these Port Glasses boast elegant dimensions, featuring a 21⁄8-inch top diameter, a 25⁄8-inch bottom diameter, and a stately 61⁄4-inch height. Crafted to enhance your port wine experience with style and sophistication

  • Coffee mug

    $0.99 / night

    coffee mug colors: gold rim, silver rim

  • Charger plates

    $0.99 / night

    13 inch, plastic charger:

    #1 Acrylic Plastic Charger Plate

    #2  Silver solid

    #3-beaded  gold or silver

    #4Rose gold

    #5Vintage gold $1.50

    #6 simple gold


  • Image of a Charcoal Grill - The main smoking area features 443 sq. in. porcelain-enameled steel wire cooking grates, complemented by a 184 sq. in. chrome-plated steel wire warming rack. The side air vent and smoke stack are highlighted for heat control. Adjustable fire grates with lifting handles allow for raising or lowering the charcoal pan. A lid-mounted gauge is included for monitoring inner temperature fluctuations, and an easy-to-dump ash pan ensures quick and mess-free cleanup after cooking.

    Tableware pack for 80-100 ppl-Everything for your tables

    $999.00 / night

    Add elegance to your special event with this comprehensive tableware package designed to accommodate up to 100 people. This package includes dinner plates, charger plates, water goblets, flatware sets (forks and knives), napkins, and ten centerpieces, allowing you to set the perfect table for your guests.

  • dinner spoon

    SILVER- Dinner Spoon, Fork or knife

    $0.90 / night

    Please choose this option if you require extra cutlery beyond the standard knife and fork set. If you only need spoons, please select this option and specify the quantity. In your shopping cart notes, indicate which specific items (fork, knife, or spoon) you would like to include.