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  • Champagne bucket

    $9.99 / night
  • Countertop Microwave

    $19.99 / night

    Are you or your family bringing food to a venue and you might need to re-heat or heat up some food? Don’t forget to rent a microwave to be on the safe side.

  • Placeholder

    Fuel for chafer

    $1.75 / night

    price per can Each chafer requires 2 sternos  “fuel” Queso chafer requires 1 small oval requires 1 Each sterno lasts for up to an hour  

  • Electric Stove- (portable)

    $29.99 / night

    Quick solution for when your family/friends are providing catering/food at your event. Electric Stove can be used with any type of cookware, such as aluminium pans, copper pans, cast lron frying pans and non-magnetic stainless steel pans can heats cookware The infrared ceramic cooktop powered by 1800W, it heats up food faster than conventional cooking…

  • 2.5-oz. capacity sauce cups

    Sauce Cups 2.5-oz

    $0.50 / night
    • Perfect for your sauces (dressing, salsas, curry, etc)
  • Hot liquid dispenser

    $25.00 / night

    includes the 1 fuel (last approx 1hr). You can order more fuel $3.50 each. With chrome accents and a shiny finish, this chafer is not only attractive and dependable, but it’s also great for distributing and holding heat. Use with chafing fuel to keep your beverages nice and hot for the duration of your service….

  • 6 1/2 oz Embassy Wine Glass

    $1.25 / night

    Overall dimensions: 21⁄8 in. top dia. x 25⁄8 in. bottom dia. x 61⁄4 in. H these are mostly used for dessert wine these are small. 61⁄2-oz. capacity    

  • High ball glass

    $1.25 / night
  • Vintage glass

    $2.50 / night

    Get a variety of colors. COMING SOON. Please inquire about colors available and availability.   

  • Beverage glass

    $0.99 / night
  • Barware Whiskey glasses

    $0.99 / night

    Old Fashioned Glass, whiskey glass, rocks glass

  • Drink Cooler

    $9.99 / night

    Well-insulated design keeps beverages cold for hours

  • Carafe

    $4.99 / night

    water / juice carafe Add a nice touch to your dining table and impress your guests  This carafe dispenser hosts a very large 34 oz. capacity and it can be used to serve many different kinds of drinks and beverages, including wine, water, iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade and more! Any drink will look better…

  • Thermal Coffee

    $7.99 / night

    FOOD-GRADE STAINLES STEEL the coffee carafe is made of 18/10 stainless steel interior and exterior, healthier, durable and easy to clean. LONG HEAT AND COLD RETENTION Double-walled vacuum insulation keeps your coffee hot up to 12+ hours or cold up to 24 hours. Locks in temperature to preserve flavor and freshness. ERGONOMIC DESIG Ultimate comfort…

  • Chocolate Fountain

    $19.99 / night

      Fondue set is 16 inches tall and has adjustable feet to keep the decorative fountain steady Chocolate fountain holds 4 lbs of melting dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate Unique bowl design keeps chocolate melted and flowing while 3 canopies are spaced for easy dipping Perfect for chocolate covered strawberries, cake pops, brownies,…

  • Serving tools

    $14.99 / night

    An assortment of serving spoons,serving tools (max 10)