Bartender ALL INCLUSIVE-Basic Package

$668.00 / night

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    How it works, once you book, you can select 2-3 cocktails from our bar menu, we will come prepared with everything needed, and you will just provide the alcohol. Beer and wine doesn’t count against the 2-3 cocktails.  :  )

    Tray 01 drinks.18

    Bartender for up to 6hrs of serving

    Generic plastic cups for wine and mixed drinks ( SEE UPGRADES FOR STEMWARE ADDON)
    4 mixers (choose from these options: club soda, tonic, cranberry juice, OJ, ginger beer, ginger ale, lemonade, lime juice, bitters)

    1-2 grenadine, simple syrup
    beverage napkins
    Garnish e.g limes (1) if the drink menu calls for it
    Ice bags for BAR drinks ONLY
    1 cooler for beer
    cooler (s) for the ice
    based on up to 120 guest count. Anything above 120 an additional fee will be assessed. Please inquire

    bar table

    table skirt

    non-alcoholic station (table if needed),1 black tablecloth, 1 drink tub, 2 drink dispensers, we only provide water for the duration of the bar service. The client provides bottles of water and/or sodas if desired.

     Note: The bar items are strictly for the bar.

    Optional add 1-2 soda options to the mixers for an additional $50

    Inquire about our soda package $2.99 per person. This will stay separate from the bar.



    Add a margarita machine for only $199 with this exclusive package.

    barware: a mix of glassware for the bar : $250