Bartender ALL INCLUSIVE-Basic Package

$668.00 / night

Are you seeking simplicity without compromising on the essentials for your event? Look no further. Our hassle-free package is tailored precisely for you. Imagine hosting your gathering stress-free, without the need to send guests on ice runs or worry about the logistics of lugging coolers and supplies. With our bartender service included, you can relax knowing that every detail is taken care of. No more tedious tasks like washing and cutting limes. With our service, you provide the alcohol, and we handle the rest. It’s that easy! Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to a seamless, enjoyable experience. Choose our all-inclusive package if this fits your needs.

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    Bartender ALL INCLUSIVE basic package-EXCEPT THE ALCOHOL

    Please inquire about availability, please do not book online before chatting with us. Thank you.

    Here’s how it works: Once you’ve booked our service, we’ll send you a bartender questionnaire. In this questionnaire, you’ll find a list of popular drinks. Based on our recommendation, for a short drink menu consisting of 2-3 cocktails, beer, and wine, we typically suggest one bartender for events with up to 100 people.

    **Bartender All-Inclusive,basic package Minus Alcohol**

    **How It Works:** . šŸ¹ You provide the alcoholĀ 

    ** 1 Professional Bartender**: Up to 6 hours of service. We bring our tools to make our job more efficient.
    – **Disposable Cups**: Generic plastic cups suitable for wine and mixed drinks.
    – **Mixers**: up to 4 options (e.g., club soda, tonic, cranberry juice, OJ, ginger beer, ginger ale, lemonade, lime juice, grenadine,simple Syrup**
    – **Straws**
    – **Beverage Napkins**
    – **Garnish**: E.g., limes (1) if required by the drink menu.
    – **Stirs**
    – **Ice Bags**: For bar drinks only.
    – **Coolers**: 1 for beer, and additional cooler(s) for ice.
    – **Based on Up to 120 Guests**: For counts exceeding 120, additional fees may apply.
    – **Bar Table**
    – **Table Skirt**
    – **Non-Alcoholic Station**: Includes 1 black tablecloth, 1 drink tub, 1 drink dispenser. We provide water only for the duration of the bar; client supplies bottled water and/or sodas if desired.
    – *Note*: These items are for the bar only.

    **Optional Upgrades:**

    • Nice Disposable Cups: add some elegance with gold rim cups (gold or silver) for $60 for up to 100 guest.
    • Add 1-2 soda options to the mixers for $50.
    • Inquire about our soda package at $2.99 per person (separate from the bar)
    • Enhance your package with a margarita machine for just $199
    • Choose barware: A mix of glassware tailored for the bar at $250, a bar back is required for additional $200
    • **Additional Information:**
    • – **Bartender’s Gratuity**: Gratuity not included. Bartenders average $350 per event, a portion from the client about $150-180 and the rest from guest tips.
    • Ā **Insurance Venue Name Addition**: An additional $75 if venue name addition is needed.
    • Ā **Traveling Fee**: Applies for events over 35 miles from our base location.
    • – **Time Flexibility**: Final time confirmed two weeks prior. Extra hours are available at $80+ per hour.
      **Note**: No drinks are served to kids/minors at the bar. Set up a separate station for non-alcoholic beverages including water.
    • **Why Choose Us?**– **Family-Owned Business**: We prioritize quality service over quantity.
      – **Limited Bookings**: We accept a maximum of three events daily for personalized attention.
      – **Trustworthy Staff**: Our team members are personally vetted.
      – **Customer Satisfaction**: Our top priority is earning your 5-star review.Choose Mimiā€™s Party Palace for professional bartending services. Don’t forget to add Event Staff you will be amazed with our service!