Wedding Ceremony Essential Package

$49.99 / night

Having a wedding ceremony and need lots of items, here are the essentials for you in a bundle at a fab rental fee.

Clear dates


    A very complete ceremony essentials package. When you rent this, you don’t have to worry about packing, taking to the venue, space, end-of-night packing, and unpacking at home.

    • (1) Chalkboard sign “We are so glad you’re here!”
    • (1) “Pick a seat, not a side” sign  
    • (1)  Flower Girl basket
    • (1) Ring bearer box or  Pillow, choose 1 
    • (6) Reserved Row Signs
    • (1) Unplugged Wedding Sign and Easel
    • (1) artificial bouquet for the bride (optional)
    • Note: you can leave items out if you don’t have a use, however, the price will not change since we are not charging for every single item.


    Add 1 aisle runner 3’ x 20’ $45