Planning an event can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take some of that stress off your shoulders and truly enjoy your special day? That’s where our Setup Service comes in.



    we’re committed to ensuring your event runs smoothly and efficiently, and that’s where our setup fee comes in. It’s designed to be flexible, just like your event needs. Here’s how it works:

    Customized Service, Customized Fee: Our setup fee isn’t fixed because it depends on the items you need us to set up. We want to make sure you’re only charged for what’s necessary.

    What Setup Includes: Setup means we will unload your rental items from the truck/trailer, take them to their designated location (whether it’s in the backyard, indoors, etc.), and perform any necessary arrangements. This includes opening tables, placing chairs around tables, setting up linens, or any other items you’ve rented and inquired about a setup fee.

    Getting a Quote: To find out the cost of the setup fee for your event, please send us an email. In your email, kindly list the items you’d like us to set up. This will help us calculate a fair fee tailored to your specific needs.

    Important Note: Please do not add this service to your cart. We kindly request that you email us to request a quote for the setup service instead of adding it to your cart. This way, we can ensure you receive an accurate quote based on your unique requirements.