Projector Screen with Stand

$49.99 / night

Transform your event with our premium Projector Screen and Stand rental! Enjoy top-notch quality with the wrinkle-free matte PVC surface, adjustable design, and stable tripod stand, perfect for any venue. Enhance your experience by adding our projector and Bluetooth speakers. Rent now for an unforgettable event!

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    Projecto screen with stand 84 Inch 16:9 Aspect Ratio

    Rent our premium Projector Screen with Stand for an unparalleled viewing experience! The screen features a wrinkle-free matte PVC surface, ensuring top-notch quality for movies, gaming, or presentations. Its indoor-outdoor versatility, secured by convenient tight-straps, makes it perfect for any venue.

    The lightweight design and stable tripod support stand with wide legs provide reliability and safety. With a perfect 16:9 HD projection, adjustable height, and easy assembly in three steps, it’s ideal for various events and entertainment. Don’t forget to complement your experience by adding our projector and Bluetooth speakers to your rental!