Throne chair (GOLD or SILVER)

$149.99 / night

Your loved one or YOU deserve to feel like a Queen or King for a day!

You will not regret it, everyone will love it!!

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    Elevate Your Event with Our Stunning Throne Chairs

    Incorporating throne chairs into your special events, whether it’s a birthday party, Quinceañera, Sweet 16, wedding, or any grand occasion, is the latest trend in creating unforgettable moments. These magnificent throne chairs serve as regal seats for the celebrant or bride and groom, instantly making them the focal point of the event.

    Available in Gold and Silver:

    Our throne chairs are available in two exquisite colors, gold and silver, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your event’s theme and décor.

    Transportation Details:

    To transport the throne chair, you’ll need a medium-sized SUV with the seats folded down, or even better, a truck. While it’s not overly heavy, it does require two people to handle. For added protection during transit, we recommend bringing moving blankets to prevent any scratches.

    If you’re concerned about transporting these items or don’t have the necessary equipment, don’t worry. We can provide the required items for rent. In case you forget to bring these items, we’ll have them available for you and deduct the rental fees from the security deposit, which is $20.

    Delivery and Pickup:

    For delivery and pickup fees, please provide us with your location address via the contact us page. Generally, if you are within 10 miles of our location, the fee is $50 for delivery and $50 for pickup, as long as it falls within our standard delivery and pickup hours.

    Security Deposit:

    A security deposit of $300 is required 2-3 business days before your event. We emphasize the importance of caring for the chair to avoid any scratches, damages, or stains on the luxurious leather. Treat it as if it were your cherished “Princess” or “Prince.” While we aim to avoid withholding your money, we kindly request that you take the necessary precautions mentioned above. To maintain the pristine condition, please refrain from placing food or drinks on the chair.


    After a thorough inspection and confirmation of no scratches, damages, or stains, your security deposit will be reimbursed within 3-4 business days, using the same payment method.

    Optional Upgrade:

    Consider enhancing the grandeur of your event with a stunning floral backdrop, similar to the picture, available for just $150.

    At Mimi’s Party Palace, we understand the importance of creating unforgettable moments. Our throne chairs are not just seating; they’re symbols of regal elegance that can transform any event into a royal affair. Contact us today to reserve these magnificent throne chairs and elevate your special occasion to the next level.


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