Bar Package “Make Your Bar Life Easier”

$225.00 / night

If you are a busy person like almost everyone, do not know what to get, how much to get of what, all the ingredients you need to make a margarita, don’t have time to get the limes, wash them, ,cut them, get the ice the day of, you need a truck or ask someone with the truck, you will need the coolers for the ice. How about you forget about all of this and you leave it in our hands to provide everything you need for your bar EXCEPT THE ALCOHOL!! YAY! Let’s us worry about all of this and not you. If you are up for it, book this and you will not regret how many tasks will be off your to-do list.

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    This package includes only the following items. The bartender service is separate.
      “Make your life easier”  You will only provide the alcohol.


    Plastic cups

     4 mixers (E.g club soda, tonic, cranberry juice, OJ,) to mention a few options.


    beverage napkins

    Garnish e.g limes (1-2)


    Ice bags

    1 cooler

    coolers for the ice

      based on up 120 guest count. Over 120 an additional fee will be assessed

    **In your notes, please add the drink menu so we know what items to bring for your drinks**

    Note: The bar items are strictly for the bar.

    Optional add 1-2 soda options to the mixers for an additional $50

    Inquire about our soda package $2.99 per person. This will stay separate from the bar.



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